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Buy Maui Wowie Online from us now. Maui Wowie Type:  Maui Wowie is a descendant of the following strain:

  • A Hawaiian Sativa

Maui Wowie descend from a Hawaiian Sativa that took root in the volcanic soil and became a resilient plant, producing a bounty of valuable plant substance which are therapeutic and delicious.  The warm, sunny, volcanic soil was rich and challenging.  The plant adapt by building up resources of nutrients to fight the elements and thrive.  The plant adapt and became the much lauded Maui Wowie which we know today.

Buy Maui Wowie Online
Buy Maui Wowie Online

Appearance and Smell

The Maui Wowie plants are of a tall height, over 80 inches tall.  These plants have beautiful green buds, thick with white crystals and orange, citrus hairs.  The colors of green, orange, white, and light green are especially vivid due to the tropical climate to which the plant has adapt.  It is thick with white trichomes and has a delicious tropical smell.  The fragrance and taste are of tropical citrus, orange, pineapple, sweet, sugary, and fruitiness.

How to Grow Maui Wowie Cannabis Seeds or Cuttings

Growing weed from Maui Wowie cannabis seeds and cuttings is rated as comparatively easy.  You must follow the laws in your local jurisdiction as to the legality of obtaining seeds or cuttings and growing these plants.  Seeds can often be ordered by mail, where legal.  Vendors may also provide you with specific instructions or tips for growing these plants.  Maui Wowie plants are hearty and resilient, due to their adaptation to the volcanic, sunny environment of Hawaii.

To grow this strain indoors, you will need to try as much as possible to recreate the native Hawaiian environment to get the most healthy and delicious plants.  Moreover, You might use a tent with High Density Discharge lamps, recreating a sunny, tropical environment.

However, You will need to get rich soil and fertilizer (like Flower Power) in order to recreate the rich, volcanic soil this strain has adapted to.  You will need a fan and exhaust system to keep the air crisp and dry to prevent mold and mildew.

Maui Wowie Marijuana Strain

You will use a watering and lighting schedule recommended by your seed vendor.  After about nine weeks, you will induce the plants to flower using your vendor’s preferred lighting schedule.  The plants will flower and be ready for harvesting and drying. Buy Maui Wowie Online

Your seed vendor can tell you if you have a photo-periodic strain for which you will induce flowering or an auto-flowering strain.  You can expect an abundant harvest of about 14 ounces per meter squared.

Outside you will likewise want to try to grow Maui Wowie plants in an environment as close to its home environment as possible.  You will try to select a place which can mimic a sunny, hot, tropical climate, with rich, possibly volcanic soil.  These plants will flower in the middle of the month of October.  They can yield up to 16 ounces per plant of sweet, fruity, tropical weed. Buy Maui Wowie Online

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