Blackberry Kush (Hybrid)



TYPE: Indica Hybrid

THC: Between 14% and 20%

GENETICS: Blackberry x Afghani

APPEARANCE: Blackberry kush has dense dark green buds with hues of purple that are completely coated in trichomes and thin orange pistils.

SMELL: A mix of fuel, berry and spice.

BEST FOR TREATING: Insomnia, pain and appetite.

CREATED FEELINGS: Creates a mellow body high that keeps you alert not tired and lazy.

DURATION: Chill high that usually lasts an hour or two.

SIMILAR STRAINS: Bubba Kush, Godfather OG and Tahoe OG.

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Buy Blackberry Kush

Buy Blackberry Kush Online. Blackberry Kush is a indica-dominant strain often recommend for pain management thanks to its strong body high effects. This strain is a combination of Afghani and Blackberry and it is mark by dense and beautiful nugs of purple and orange. Blackberry Kush has a hashy, jet fuel taste and aroma that is balance by sweet berries. This strain take approximately 7-8 to flower although it does not typically have a high yeild. Previously, buying blackberry kush was so difficult that most people did not go for because of its scarcity. These days, with the coming of Buy Marijuana Online in the drug market, People can now buy blackberry kush online with much more ease.

Blackberry Kush is an indica strain. The strain is incredibly potent, especially considering its 20% THC content offering an amazing high. The bud is dense, cover by trichomes and red hairs. However, you will notice hues of yellow, purples and blacks lace throughout the vivid buds. On the other hand, it has a very strong Kush aroma that is smooth-sweet and heady. But it is not as pungent as you will expect it to be. As for the taste, it tastes a lot like it smells. There is a pretty good reason why it is known as Blackberry Kush, it does have a berry taste to it after all. What is really amazing about Blackberry Kush is that you will require very little of it to get the high you want. However, smoking too much of the strain will make you sleep in no time.

Overview of Blackberry Kush

Buy blackberry kush online that is also use as pain reliever and an anti-depressant. It is no wonder fruit-flavor strains are more popular than ever. This Blueberry Kush is a prime example. It is so incredibly tasty. That is not the best part though… these nugs are DENSE and CAKED. If you have try the Kush you know what kind of quality to expect from our Highland growers.

Buy Blackberry Kush Online
Buy Blackberry Kush Online

BBK is a sweet-scented flower known for its full-body experience. A relative of the very famous Blue Dream (both worldwide and within our community), Blueberry Kush is thought to be a cross between Blueberry and OG Kush. Buy blackberry kush now and be free from pain.

The Black berry kush journey is a complex one but also very dreamy. Black berry kush is best save for nighttime use. A few puffs of this strain will send you off to a spacey and blissful sleep.

The name may sound innocent because of it’s yummy Blueberry taste and smell but the physical effects may have you stuck the couch and ready to catch up on some serious relaxation time.

Effects: Relax, Happy, Euphoric

Medical: Stress, Insomnia, Pain

THC: 25%

CBD: 3.3%



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