Afghan Kush (Indica)

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Otherwise known as ‘Afghan OG,’ Afghan Kush is a legend among the indicas. This perfect day end is a quintessential original indica (90/10), with high THC levels that produce a potent body stone (great for lights out or serious relaxation). Our Pemberton Valley crop produce impressive resin-heavy blunt-top nuggets that are soft and earthy in flavor with a woody aroma. Welcome to pure indica epicness. Buy Afghan Kush Online from Buy Marijuana Online with fast delivery

Insomnia? Restlessness? ADD/ADHD? You may especially enjoy this strain. At nearly 100% indica, this strain is know to induce sleepiness, lethargy, and an increase appetite. The intense body-numbing sensations this strain cause make it a popular strain. Especially among those suffering from severe or chronic pain, glaucoma, arthritis, or migraines. Its appetite stimulating effects also make it a strain commonly use to treat anorexia or the side-effects of chemotherapy.

Due to its potency and intensity of physical effects, it is not uncommon for users to report feeling anxious or dizzy at higher dose. Other common complaints are experiencing dry mouth and eyes and overwhelming lethargy.

Buy Afghan Kush Online
Buy Afghan Kush Online

Overview of Afghan Kush

This strain is naturally grow in the Hindu Kush mountain range and is know to have a very earthy and hash-like scent and taste. It grows in very dense, dark nugs that are heavily covered in trichomes.

Buy Afghan Kush Online It smell like a mango orange farm with a hint of funk to it that is comparable to an old musty basement. Does not have the trademark Kush smell, but it does have its own unique odor and it works well for night time use. Provide an energetic burst of energy right off the bat. After a few minutes it provide a very relax focus feeling. Keeps you right on the edge of energetic and couch lock. Great for anxiety and relaxing.

Afghan Kush aka ‘Afghan OG’ trace back to the Hindu Kush mountain range near the Afghanistan-Pakistan border and is one of the most resinous varieties on the planet. The plant is a strong traditional indica, with large, wide and dark leaves, yielding massive, blunt-topped nuggets full of resin making it the ultimate source for hash such as charas and the sticky black Afghani hash.

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6 reviews for Afghan Kush (Indica)

  1. david james

    Tasty, smokes well , I would buy again

  2. Deric#law

    This is probably the tastiest strain I have ordered from BMO

  3. jean.peters

    Amazing strain. The smell is very sweet and appealing and the buds looked phenomenal. The smoke got me nice and stoned, would buy again in a heartbeat

  4. Kim

    Great taste beautiful buzz and smelled amazing!! Definitely would buy again!

  5. gerald23

    This stuff is awesome, great taste, great smoke, great high. If you want some inspiration this is the flower for you

  6. fredo66

    Big fan of everything about this strain. It smells so good. I just bought another oz.

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